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Full Immersion outside courses are made up of the following:

 a week's course, from Monday to Friday
 intensive courses conducted on a rotational basis: several two-day meetings (e.g. on Friday and Saturday)

This kind of training can be tailored to supplement, and to continue, company courses at the client's premises.

Full Immersion outside language courses are organized in:

 hotels
 facilities that encourage learning and relaxation
We organise bed and board.
Training can be further enhanced by an integration event that constitutes an integral part of the learning schedule.

What are some advantages of the Full Immersion outside language courses?

 our participants are removed from a job related atmosphere, allowing them to fully concentrate on learning
 it enables them to speak and communicate in a foreign language for the duration of the course, including meal times and integration events
 students can communicate with different teachers that conduct lessons on a rotational basis
 there is direct contact with a qualified native speaker, who always takes part in an outside language course

We can also organise official TELC exams.


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