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We conduct the following range of company courses:

 in-company courses conducted on the client's premises
 full immersion intensive outside courses to supplement standard language courses
 e-learning to supplement standard courses

 Course content is always adapted to client needs, and is based on the following major principles:

 communication oriented
 breaking barriers to use a foreign language
 progress monitoring through listening tests aimed at communication efficiency
 practising the language in real life corporate situations such as telephoning, presentations, workshop participation, etc.
 introduction and teaching of specialised vocabulary required by a company
In teaching we follow Council of Europe guidelines, with consideration to the levels according to the Common European Framework (CEF)

Why choose us?

 we have gained experience conducting two several-year company courses that were co-financed by the EU
 we have a team of trainers qualified to conduct company courses
 our team of trainers and teachers are qualified to conduct intensive outside company courses.
We can also organise official TELC exams.

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